Cats are said to have nine lives.  In some cases, 9 different personalities can go along with each of those lives.  A married couple in Florida found that out the hard way. 

According to a report, Teresa and James Gregory were forced to call 911 after their four-year-old Russian Blue cat (not pictured above) went 'berserk'.  It all started when James accidentally stepped on the cat's tail and Kush (the cat) went after him with claws a-flying.  At that point, the couple locked the cat in a bedroom.

After a few hours, the couple hoped that Kush had settled down, but when they opened the bedroom door, they realized the cat's grudge and anger just intensified.  That's when the couple locked themselves into a bedroom and called 911 for rescue.

Hear the emergency call and see some of the injuries in the video below.