Did you know that we have a pro football team in Deep East Texas?  They are called the East Texas Thunder (soon to be changed to the Lufkin Thunder) and they are a Triple A Minor League Pro Football Team. 

The team is made up of very talented East Texas area athletes, most of whom played their high school ball at Lufkin.  Come early 2014, they will start competing against other teams across the state with the hopes of making the playoffs and eventually going for the national championship.

Some of the players are playing because they love the game and just want to be part of it again, while many others are hoping to use this as a showcase and springboard to the next level of play, such as another chance at college football or to make it to an NFL club.

On December 28th, there will be great chance to see this team in action with the 1st ever Lufkin Coca Cola Outlaw Bowl at Abe Martin Stadium.  The Lufkin Thunder will be taking on the Houston Spartans in a game highlighting the team as well as paying honor to the late Coach John Outlaw.

Take a listen to the interview below as Danny Merrell from the Merrell in the Morning Show talks to Coach Dixon, head coach of the Thunder.