Beginning this Wednesday, the A&E Channel will launch a new 'docu-series' called 'Rodeo Girls'.  The series will highlight professional barrel racers in competition at various rodeos across the nation...but the cameras won't stop rolling once the riding is done. 

According to the official description, "...the hard, ride fast and play rough. Their tumultuous relationships, fierce competition and plenty of cowboys leave plenty of drama to go around. "

Of course, this is a 'Reality' TV show and it's understood that you've got to bend to the side of excess and exaggeration to gather viewers...but after watching the series trailer and the promotional bikini clad barrel racer, how much bending is going on.

Granted, I've been around rodeo cowboys and cowgirls quite a bit when they come to East Texas for the many events in the Spring, however, I don't know enough to discern whether these Rodeo Girls from the series are a representation of what truly goes on behind the scenes.

I'm looking for some input from those in the know, so please feel free to comment below.