On Saturday, April 13th, Allen Lane Kruse of Nacogdoches was fishing Lake Naconiche and reeled a bass that weighed 12.54 pounds and now stands as the lake record for a catch and release bass.  There's also a great story about the history of this fish. 

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the bass that was caught by Kruse is the direct offspring of a 14 pound bass that was caught in 2004 at Falcon International Reservoir.

Thanks to the ongoing Sharelunker program, fingerlings from the huge bass are placed in lakes and reservoirs across the state.  in 2009, over 170 adult ShareLunker offspring were released into Lake Naconiche along with 95,389 ShareLunker fingerlings.  This should let you know that there are quite a few monster fish ready to be caught at Lake Naconiche.