Usually, when someone mentions record temperatures in the Summer in East Texas, you think of oppressive heat with highs in the triple digits along with thick humidity.  Over this past weekend, a number of East Texas cities broke records for their low, high temperatures. 

For example, Tyler's high on Sunday was 81.  That's the lowest high temperature for July 14th in that city's history.

Dear Lord....thank you and please send more.

The reason for the cloud cover, increased rain chances, and subsequently lower temperatures is a closed low pressure system in Western Oklahoma.  That situation should continue to give us mostly cloudy skies and healthy rain chances through Tuesday night. Then, the rain chances won't be quite as high for the remainder of the week.

I'm sure we still have many 100 degree days ahead, but Summer respites like these are few and very welcome.  Especially when we still have over 2 months to go before Fall arrives.