I have to give the folks at Carnival Cruise Lines credit.  Back in February, when we were all hearing and seeing the nasty, squalid conditions aboard the paralyzed liner, I thought it would take about a year before this ship would ever be ready to cruise again.    Well, four months and millions of dollars later, the Triumph has triumphantly set sail for its first cruise.  In fact, it has already set sail and returned to Galveston, and is now going across the Gulf of Mexico on its second return to voyage.  The reviews from the passengers so far have been spectacular.  The staff has been bending over backwards, the rooms and every accommodation are spotless and fresh, and most importantly, everything works.

So, this comeback story of the year would be perfect if it weren't for one additional story about the Triumph that I found through a report in the Mobile Press-Register.  Remember that port in Mobile, Alabama, the one that took in the crippled ship back in February?  Well, now, Carnival is suing the officials of a shipyard in that port, among others for $12 million.  You may recall that there was a storm in Mobile a couple of months ago which packed winds of over 70mph.  This caused the Triumph to break from its moorings and incur even greater damage.  According to a report in USA Today, that has prompted the cruise giant to launch this suit citing defective equipment in the moorings.

You know, Carnival Cruise Lines may actually have a case, but these guys are in great need of positive publicity after the huge public relations catastrophe of a few months ago.  Many will interpret this as Carnival biting the hand that once fed them, but here's the real kicker.

You might recall that during that storm in which Triumph broke from its moorings, a dock worker with the shipyard was killed.  According to the Mobile Press-Register, Carnival names Bernadette Johnson in this lawsuit...she is the widow of the worker that was killed!

Really, Carnival, Really!?