For Linus, it was his blue blanket, for Tom Hanks, it was Wilson the volleyball, for me, it was a teddy bear named Ernie...and for adorable little Agnes, it's a flop-eared bunny named Tete. 

Most every toddler, or movie castaway,  has had a security item that they latch onto for comfort.  The thought of going down for a nap or night-night without this real life friend is unthinkable.  But that is exactly what 3-year-old Agnes is enduring since Tete was lost...and now the nationwide search is on.

Agnes and her family last saw the furry Jellycat grey bunny in Terminal A at DFW airport.  However, authorities at that airport as well as at the Tucson airport, where the flight continued, have turned up nothing.   The little girl is distraught, crying every night before bedtime, but the family is not giving up.  They have placed an ad in Craigslist giving the details of where the bunny could be and they have offered up a $200 reward for the return of Tete.

To some, this may seem laughable, but I guarantee you Agnes is heartbroken.  And although finding the bunny may be a long shot, every extra story written about this could only help them get Tete back.