Crazy headline, huh?

But according to a story in the Washington Post this is actually happening at a hospital...and no, this has nothing to do with Obamacare.  Although, I....(never mind, that's another story).

The country of Zimbabwe in Africa apparently has quite a world-wide reputation for being corrupt.  Bribery and money making schemes are prolific there.  Well, according to this report, a hospital in the city of Harare is charging women an extra $5 for each scream that they let out during childbirth.


Yes, the hospital cites these screams as 'false alarm charges'.  And in a country where the average yearly income is $150 per year, these screams can quickly eat up your life savings.

I mean, can you just imagine having someone with a clipboard coming up to you immediately after delivery and saying, "Okay, Mrs. Smith, you checked your tongue pretty well, but during the last 20 minutes you screamed out 8 times, that'll cost you about 3 months worth of pay."