In a conversation with our Merrell in the Morning Show on Thursday, Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches reported that there has been an major uptick in home break-ins and burglaries across the Southern part of Angelina County. 

Most of the these activities have been taken place around Farm to Market Road 1818, Farm Road 58, and Farm to Market Road 819.  Some of these crimes have also been reported around the Huntington area.  Most alarming about these thefts is that they are happening in broad daylight.  It's believed that the perpetrators may knock on the front door of the house and if no one answers they assume no one is home and then try to gain access inside the house.

The most common items taken are computers, electronics, and four-wheelers.

The Sheriff's Department asks for persons in this part of the county to remain alert of your surroundings and to be on the look out for any suspicious activities such as unfamiliar vehicles driving slowly through the area.  Also, homeowners should secure all outdoor property of value and keep house doors locked.

To report any activity, please call 936-634-3331