The list of KICKS 105 winners heading to Arlington to see George Strait's final performance continues to grow, and now we have a chance for you to sing for your tickets on the Merrell in the Morning Show.

Listen each weekday morning at 6:50, 7:50, 8:50, and 9:50 for your chance to call in and sing some George Strait karaoke.  The correct caller will have their choice of singing 'The Fireman', 'The Chair', or 'Amarillo by Morning'.  We're not going to make you sing the entire song and you certainly don't have to be perfect, or even close to it.  Just as long as you make a good attempt we'll put you into next Tuesday's (6/3) drawing for a pair of tickets to the big finale.

Only 15 folks will end up getting qualified for the drawing so why not give it a shot!