An author/blogger named Lynette has compiled a list of 10 fun activities you can do on Valentine's Day if you're that this holiday doesn't turn into "the most depressing day of the year" for you.

Check out five of the activities after the jump. Tell us, what's your favorite thing to do when you're flying solo?


Going to the movies alone on major holidays became such a "tradition" for me in my single life that Jim and I have incorporated it into our married life as well. There's just something about seeing a movie when most people are not even thinking about what's on at the movies! Every holiday... this is where you'll find us.


Depending on your "outdoorsy" sense of adventure, a solo camping trip will either energize and empower you (take your bike, sit by the lake, go on a hike, rent canoe), or send you wallowing in your sorrows (where you'd probably be more inclined to take a 6-pack, take all your old love letters, take a framed picture of your ex, and take some sleeping pills -- NONE of which is recommended, mind you).


Get out & about and explore some unknown territory in your car. If it's warm enough, roll the windows down (or put the top down), crank the tunes, and go wherever the road leads you. You have no destination. You have no obligations today. You are free to roam the great outdoors and just enjoy the day... alone. (Want some extra adventure?... rent your dream vehicle (like a Jeep or a motorcycle) for the day!


Whether you're an avid cyclist, or you're the owner of an old beat-up, rusty Schwinn... the pay-off is still the same. You'll become rejuvenated and feel like a kid again pedaling around the neighborhood. Don't want anyone you know to see you?... Then stick your bike in the car and motor on over to the nearest state park. There, you can pedal (or wobble) to your heart's content, take in the sights, stop and smell the roses (oh, sorry... daisies!), and even burn a few calories at the same time.


Some fun newactivities to consider:

* Yoga... there's nothing like it for making you feel great in a short amount of time -- with very little effort on your part!

* Snow Skiing... on-site lessons are the way to go. They're cheap, they don't try to humiliate you, and the instructor just might be cute!

* Parasailing... most are surpised to learn that this is such a mindless, effortless, no-skill-required kind of activity. You sit. They drive the boat. They add some slack to the rope attached to the harness you're sitting in. And you rise above it all. All the while, taking in some of the most beautiful sites around.

via Ideas For Single People Without A Date On Valentine's Day (...and Some Reasons To Enjoy Being Single!) - The Fun Times Guide.

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