Drunk Last Night is the first single off Eli Young Band's fifth studio album which is yet to be released. From the title, you might be thinking that this track is going to be a backwoods party song, but that is not the case. Where you think you'll find lyrics that recall a crazy night with the boys, you instead hear a story about an ex-lover who let sober thoughts become drunk actions.

Drunk Last Night has a driving guitar rhythm that, at times, seems like it's getting ahead of the action but evens out once the chorus hits for the first time. The chorus actually makes up the majority of the track which, in this case, is a good thing. The rest of the lyrics border on generic with lines like, "Staring at the ceiling fan/ I couldn't get you off my brain/ I guess I wasn't thinking straight/ I couldn't tell wrong from right." These kinds of sentiments could easily be found in any other song. However, the chorus is what makes Drunk Last Night stay with you.

"I brought it all up, got it all outWhat is it worth, to both of us nowIt's off my chest but never off my mindTwo drinks in, keep that hurtYou feel bad and I feel worseI swear it's the last time every timeDon't know why...Might've been a song on the radioMight've been nothing, baby I don't knowMight've been a girl who looked like youMight've been a fluke, might've been a full moonMight've been a little too tired to fightMight've been I got a little drunk last night"

That last phrase changes a bit throughout the song but the way it's sung by lead singer Mike Eli and the change in rhythm make this section the highlight of the entire track.

Drunk Last Night is an easy track to listen to and maybe even relatable for some people. If you're anything like me, you'll catch yourself humming it at random times. And even if it doesn't become one of your favorites, it still reminds you of a valuable lesson; drunk dialing is never a good idea...unless you're a platinum-selling band who turns the experience into a soon-to-be hit song.