Miranda Lambert's latest single All Kinds Of Kinds has been one of my favorite tracks off her fourth studio album, Four the Record, ever since its release back in November 2011. However, it was never a track that I thought would be released as a single. So you can imagine my surprise, and delight, when I saw that it has began its ride on the radio waves.

All Kinds Of Kinds is a song unlike any others you'll find on the radio today. It bases itself on strong lyrics, with each word adding to the song. It dares to sing about the people who aren't normally in the American spotlight: an acrobat who marries a human cannonball, a congressman who has more than skeletons in his closet, a pharmacist who helped herself to the product, and a young singer who dared to break out of the system. Lambert isn't afraid to make these people the focus, despite their flaws or differences.

My favorite lines from this track come at the end when Lambert sings, "Now some point a finger and let ignorance lingerIf they'd look in the mirror they'd findThat ever since the beginning to keep the world spinningIt takes all kinds of kinds." These lines brilliantly sum up what this song is all about and Lambert delivers them with perfect honesty.

The thing I love about Miranda Lambert is that she doesn't box herself into a stereotypical corner. She's not afraid to record songs that are outside of the mainstream sound or make music her way. All Kinds Of Kinds is one of those songs that remind us to look past the shiny surface that we can hide behind and, honestly, it's one of the best songs I've heard in awhile. This track kicked off Lambert's latest album and I hope it kicks off a trend in country music of artists not being afraid to release those songs that can make a statement.