Whether it's the whole season or just a weekend, summer is the time to be free. It can be on a lake, in the sand, or down a backroad; you can be up to no good with friends, laughing with family, or with a certain someone riding shotgun. Either way, there's always going to be a memory when it comes to summer, and every memory needs the perfect soundtrack. They can be old favorites, up-and-coming singles, or little known gems but no matter what, they set the tone for any summer moment.

First up on the summer playlist is a song that's been under the radar for a while but could be hitting the airwaves in no time. Kix Brooks, one half of the former powerhouse duo Brooks & Dunn, released his latest solo album, New To This Town, back in 2012. One of the tracks, There’s The Sun, captures the beginning of summer perfectly.



There’s The Sun has lyrics that embody why summer is the season to remember. "Kick back and floatin' easy while the warm wind blowsAnd you'll find us making memories where the cool breeze blowsIn the ocean, and the lake, and in the swimming poolEverybody's all in staying coolTappin' your toes and swayin' alongAnd that iPod shuffle goes to shufflin' songsAnd them little bitty bathing suits, lordy lordyHaving us a sunscreen party" Brooks delivers these with a demeanor that eases with coolness, reminding me of why he was always my favorite member of the legendary duo. (Sorry Ronnie!) When you hear this song you can't help but picture Brooks lounging in a hammock, strumming his guitar. The song's rhythm goes right along with this feeling, making you wish you were swaying in a hammock right there with him.

Even though summer has already started here in Texas, There’s The Sun is still the perfect tune to kick off any summer playlist. So lather on the SPF and be thankful that the sun has finally come out to shine.