Aaron Watson

Randy Travis Stops By to Visit Aaron Watson Before His Concert
Just like every other Country Music fan, Aaron Watson loves him some Randy Travis. Last week before his concert the legend stopped by to see the Honky Tonk Kid, and judging from his Facebook post, Watson was floored by the visit.
Randy Travis came to my show Thursday night and seeing him again made m…
Aaron Watson Releases New Music ‘Outta Style’
Last year Aaron Watson's album, The Underdog, shocked Nashville and America, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Country Album chart. Where it stayed inside the Top 10 for six weeks.
This week we get our first glimpse of the new album, with the release of "Outta Style...
Aaron Watson Apologizes for His Wife’s Halloween Costume
Yesterday while most folks were recovering from a Monday night of candy, and fun, Aaron Watson was penning an apology to fans for his wife's Halloween costume.
After receiving negative comments on a photo of his wife, Kim, who was dressed as Disney’s version of Pocahontas, Watson…

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