Local School Wins Award!
Dunbar Primary has been awarded the Angelina Beautiful/Clean Clean Campus award winner. Students and teachers at Dunbar Primary are demonstrating what is takes to be wonderful stewards of the environment with their campus recycling programs and green initiatives.
Angelina Beautiful/Clean Names May Award Winner
Angelina County businesses work hard to not only be successful in business but also to be a positive part of the community.  In order to recognize the efforts of these businesses, Angelina Beautiful Clean proudly presents the AB/C Beautification award.
Girl Without Hands Won The National Penmanship Award (Video)
A 7-year-old in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania received a trophy and $1,000 as one of two national winners of the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellent Penmanship.
According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she writes by wedging a pencil between her arms, the same way she feeds herself and even paints he…