Today Is The Worst Day to Travel
If you're hitting the road this afternoon, there's one specific 3-hour window where you might find yourself stuck in traffic and wishing you had left earlier.  Like yesterday.  It's the peak travel time for the entire holiday driving period, and here's the hea…
Great Impressions Done While Driving [Watch]
I love impressions. Especially good impressions. Sometimes I pretend to be Kenny Chesney's father while driving around town, and have created a particular voice for him. I have no idea what Kenny's daddy sounds like, but I imagine it in my brain sometimes. Anyhoo, this girl is good at impr…
Vet Sits in Parked Car to Show How Heat Kills (Video)
Living in East Texas we understand how hot a parked car can get in warm weather, and yet people continue to make the mistake of leaving pets in cars.  Dr Ernie Ward is a practicing vet who conducts a dangerous experiment to remind us of the frightening potential of a parked car in the summer.

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