Eat It All And Your Meal Is Free At These Texas Restaurants
Texans can be big eaters, and sometimes that saves us money.

How about a little weekend challenge? If you can polish off a monster burger at one restaurant in Nacogdoches, the meal is free. And it's just one of the Texas restaurants on a long list that will give you the opportunity to eat y…
Sean Ericson’s Daily Dish – That’s A Spicy Pie (Video)
If you know me, you know I LOVE to barbeque.  Skilled cooking in general really impresses me.  Therefore, it will be my mission to bring you a daily video highlighting some pretty cool edibles!  Today we travel Australia for a pie that's anything but cool.  This pie is screa…
Impossible Roller Coaster Dare (Video)
For the truly daring a ride on a roller coaster isn't exciting enough.  They make it more exciting by closing their eyes or holding their hands up for the whole ride.  But this? This is something even I couldn't do!