Danny Merrell

‘Facebook Face Off’ – Who Looks Better in a Tux?
Yes, that's us, Sean Ericson on the left and me (Danny Merrell) on the right.
This was back in the early '90's at a Valentine's promotion that we called Drive Through and Renew...as in wedding vows.
Now, why would either one of us subject ourselves to the ridicule that we know we&a…
Danny Merrell’s Top Five Romantic Movies
I don't sit down very often with my wife to watch 'lovey-dovey' movies.  In fact, I believe over the past few years, the only movies we've watched together had talking cars, dragons, and toys.
Now, before you think that I'm a stick in the mud when it comes to r…
I Met George Strait — But I Didn’t Get An Autographed Guitar
Yes....that's me with George Strait.
It was around 1983 in Austin, I was 19, and the only thing that concerned me more than actually getting to meet George Strait (only a couple of number ones at that time), was to make sure I sucked in my cheeks and pushed back the sleeves of my satin jacket so…
How ‘Bout Some Homecoming Help For This Clueless Dad
I've heard it said that when it comes to raising kids, sons are a lot less expensive than daughters.  I think the brunt of that message is about to hit me square in the jaw.
My oldest is a 15 year old girl...and it's homecoming season.  When I was going to high school (eons ago), I never really had a…
9/11, Pearl Harbor, And My 11th Grade History Class
I was not alive when Pearl Harbor happened.  Heck, my mom was only 4 years old at the time.   Much like anyone born years after 1941, I knew the details about the attack on Pearl Harbor, but I could hardly fathom the feelings of the profound significance of that terrible day on Decemb…

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