Danny Merrell

The Flu Roughs Up KICKS 105’s Danny Merrell
With apologies to Taylor Swift, I am never, ever, ever going through a flu season without getting a flu shot.  I just spent the last week or so trying to overcome this year's dreaded influenza, and it hasn't been pretty.
‘Facebook Face Off’ – Who Looks Better in a Tux?
Yes, that's us, Sean Ericson on the left and me (Danny Merrell) on the right.
This was back in the early '90's at a Valentine's promotion that we called Drive Through and Renew...as in wedding vows.
Now, why would either one of us subject ourselves to the ridicule that we know we&a…
Danny Merrell’s Top Five Romantic Movies
I don't sit down very often with my wife to watch 'lovey-dovey' movies.  In fact, I believe over the past few years, the only movies we've watched together had talking cars, dragons, and toys.
Now, before you think that I'm a stick in the mud when it comes to r…

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