Awkward Dr. Phil Is Hilarious [Watch]
I love Dr. Phil! He has great advice and he's from the south. He's written some amazing books that I've actually read. This video is not any of that. It's just plain awkward! Watch!
More Fun With Cats [Watch]
Crazy man loves cats! Let's them invade his home then they bend his will to build them a catlike eutopia. Cats now rule his home. Cats!
You Look Silly Taking a Selfie (Video)
"Look at me," Check out where I am." The selfie is a quick way to update your social media friends on all the cool stuff you are up to. The real question is, how silly do you actually look taking that selfie? Scientists explain.
The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Day [Watch]
Every day I search the internet for the one thing that makes me laugh the most. Usually it involves cats, dogs, news anchors, or kids. Today it's kids! This little boy seems to believe that the act of "whistling" is impossible. See the video for a hardy har har laugh.

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