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Craigslist Missed Connections Deep East Texas [Video]
Have you ever been to the grocery store, over by the steaks and caught an attractive someone staring at you from the squeaky dog toys?  You never spoke, but you knew something passed between you both.  Was it love?  Was it something else?  You might never know, and the only way t…
#KicksPartyBoat Hits Lake Nacogdoches May 3!
A few months ago Sean Ericson and myself were discussing our all-time favorite past Kicks 105 promotions. Included in that list very prominently was the KICKS Party Boat, so we decided to bring it back! Get ready for the #KicksPartyBoat!
KICKS 105 St. Jude Radiothon Is A Big Deal
We have tried to describe to you just how BIG a deal the St. Jude Radiothon is.  We've decided that instead of describing it we should just show you with a little video!  Two grown men don't do something like this for no particular reason!  Check it out!
KICKS 105 Acoustic Studio: William Clark Green
William Clark Green knew at age 13 that he would pursue a career writing and singing songs.  He attended college at Texas Tech, and played in front of a crowd as often as he could.  I discovered WCG a few years ago, like I usually do, with someone sharing the video for the song, "…

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