I’ve Got Your Big Screen Right Here (Video)
Millbank Tower is an iconic British skyscraper visible for miles.  November 28th, it was plunged into darkness as Nokia and Windows Phone teamed up with Deadmau5 to present a light show of epic proportions.  Check it out as the tower itself became a canvas for state of the art lasers and p…
Danny Merrell’s European Vacation – Part One
For the past week, I have been traveling with my family along with other area students, teachers, and families on an educational trip to England and France.
There are many stories and pictures I want to share and I will do my best to do this over the course of this week.
Let's start with pictures from…
2011 London Ice Sculpting Festival
It's pretty much winter all over America (well, at least in 49 out of 50 states) but London is really rocking the ice right now. Check out these cool -- make that cold -- photos from the 2011 London Ice Sculpting Festival.