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Angel & Snoopy – Our Pets of the Week
Say hello to our KICKS 105/Winnie Berry Pet Adoption Center Pets of the Week.  Angel is a young female adult German Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  Her colors are striking and beautiful.  Snoopy is young Beagle/Rat Terrier mix.
Families Featured on our Pets of the Week
Over the past few Fridays we have featured quite a few pets that have come from the same litters.  Many of those pets are still looking for a forever home and family, so we decided to highlight two pet families that would love to purr or bark their way into your hearts.
KICKS 105 Pets of the Week(s)
Since we were unable to put up a story concerning last week's featured pets, this week we will be featuring our pets from last week and from this week.  So, we're featuring a total of four wonderful pets looking for forever families and homes.

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