Win Big with the ‘Dad Being Dad’ Photo Contest
Last month for Mother's Day, we asked for pictures of Mom being Mom.  Then, we put those pictures on our website to be voted on.  A $1,000 Beard Fine Jewelers shopping spree was given to the mom who received the most votes.
Let's do it again!
Show Us Random Pics From Your Phone! [PHOTOS]
Last week on Facebook we asked you to share a random photo from your phone with us. Nearly 200 photos later, we've found some of the best to share with the world! Thanks for showing us just how weird and wonderful you are, East Texas!
Photo Project Tracks Brett Eldredge On the Road
Brett Eldredge is in the middle of a big tour that will take him from Detroit to Austin, Bossier City to Boston, and dozens of stops in between. For a touring musician, it can be tough to keep your feet planted and know where you are each night. Luckily for Brett, one of the guys in his band, keyboa…
11 Optical Illusions That’ll Make You Look Twice
Optical illusions can play some really weird tricks on our brains. We think we're looking at one thing and then... sike! It's something else. Honestly, what the heck. But you know the best type of illusions? The photograph kind, because they can be all sorts of awesome, strange and funny..…
11 Painful Sunburns We Never Want to Experience
Recently we've been discussing the best things about summer, like Slip N' Slides and lemonade. OH yes. But with the good obviously comes the bad, and in this case, the really bad. Brace yourself folks, because we've scoped out some pretty awful sunburn fails we never want to experienc…
Follow KICKS 105 on Instagram! [PHOTOS]
Are you as addicted to Instagram as we are? Have you ever heard of Instagram?
If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can download the app for free! Follow us at tsm_lufkin, or tag us by using the hashtag #kicks105.

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