Starbucks is Adding A New Buzz Drink
Coffee drinkers unite.
Starbucks is adding a new drink that will not only give us a huge caffeine buzz, but it might also cool us off when the Texas heat gets cranked up this summer.
Oh, and does that secret menu really exist?
SFA Student Comes Up With Most Expensive Starbucks Drink?
People who get their morning jolt of caffeine from Starbucks are accustomed to the steep prices, but Logan Warren of the site Geek on Call may very well have found the exact combination necessary to create the most expensive Starbucks drink in the history of ever.
The tab? Almost $24.00.
Best Coffee In Nacogdoches – Our Top Five
In a college town, it's inevitable that you'll find a few coffee shops for students (and adults) who are early risers, or late-night owls. Surely, most would agree that you can't ace a big exam or survive a day at the office without a large dose of caffeine, right?
Whether you're looking for an extra…