Dumped? Dump Your Ex’s Stuff at Goodwill.
If you don't get your stuff back before  you break up, you might be finding it at the Goodwill Lufkin.
Valentine's Day is a good time to purge memories of the ex, and one way to do that is to dump the stuff off at a Lufkin-Diboll-Nacogdoches Goodwill location. Lots of relationship left…
17 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas
Looking for something fun, unique, over-the-top or romantic to do with your Valentine this year?
Here's a blog written by Don Diebel with a list of 17 date ideas for Valentine's Day.
Which one is your favorite?
Guide to the Best Valentine’s Day Chocolates
Who doesn't love receiving chocolate on Valentine's Day? I think this is one of the holidays where people tell themselves it's OK to indulge in sweet least, that's how I look at it.
It's never easy trying to find the perfect box of chocolates; in the famous words of Forest Gump "You …