Hot Dog Hockey [Watch]
I love dogs! Specifically I like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Greyhounds and more. Dogs playing hockey is awesome! Watch these hot dogs high stick.
Cooking Bacon On A Silencer [Watch]
In order to demonstrate just how American you are you must find different ways to cook bacon. This is widely known. Some people use a cast iron, or teflon coated skillet. Maybe you use an electric skillet. Others use the oven and put their bacon on a cookie sheet.
I prefer this method personally. The…
Cool Folding Table [Watch]
This folding table will thrill and amaze you! I've got to get my hands on one immediately if not sooner! I like tables so much that I've owned several over the years. Dining tables, end tables, coffee tables.
I even enjoy the periodic table every once in a while as well. Picnic tables are pretty cool…
Amazing Kid With Bow And Arrow [Watch]
I've always wanted to have a real bow. Since I was little playing cowboys and indians. I figure the indians got the short end of the stick when it came to fighting dudes with guns so I always wanted to be an indian. This kid has already become an expert! Watch!
Funny Bird Is Really Very Funny [Watch]
I used to have a parakeet. Once I left him outside so he could enjoy the air. It got down below freezing that night. I forgot to bring him in. That's why I don't have a parakeet now. Here's a funny cockatoo! Watch!
Awkward Dr. Phil Is Hilarious [Watch]
I love Dr. Phil! He has great advice and he's from the south. He's written some amazing books that I've actually read. This video is not any of that. It's just plain awkward! Watch!

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