Happy Cow [Watch]
A happy cow is a nice cow. Nice cows make nice milk, and we love milk! Just the other evening I was engaged quite intently at the milk selection at the local supermarket and it was quite the selection! 1%, 2%, whole, added calcium, less sugar, chocolate, filtered, MORE filtered, buttermilk, whole cr…
Hot Dog Hockey [Watch]
I love dogs! Specifically I like Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Greyhounds and more. Dogs playing hockey is awesome! Watch these hot dogs high stick.
Cooking Bacon On A Silencer [Watch]
In order to demonstrate just how American you are you must find different ways to cook bacon. This is widely known. Some people use a cast iron, or teflon coated skillet. Maybe you use an electric skillet. Others use the oven and put their bacon on a cookie sheet.
I prefer this method personally. The…
Cool Folding Table [Watch]
This folding table will thrill and amaze you! I've got to get my hands on one immediately if not sooner! I like tables so much that I've owned several over the years. Dining tables, end tables, coffee tables.
I even enjoy the periodic table every once in a while as well. Picnic tables are pretty cool…
Amazing Kid With Bow And Arrow [Watch]
I've always wanted to have a real bow. Since I was little playing cowboys and indians. I figure the indians got the short end of the stick when it came to fighting dudes with guns so I always wanted to be an indian. This kid has already become an expert! Watch!
Funny Bird Is Really Very Funny [Watch]
I used to have a parakeet. Once I left him outside so he could enjoy the air. It got down below freezing that night. I forgot to bring him in. That's why I don't have a parakeet now. Here's a funny cockatoo! Watch!

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