Amazing Video Of Our Sun [Watch]
Our sun is the center of our solar system. It provides light, warmth, and life to the earth. It's science and stuff. Here's a cool video made from over 200 million images of the sun over the course of 5 years. Check it.
Mountain Breaks 1000 Year Old Lifting Record [Watch]
His name is Hafthor Bjornsson and he played the character "Mountain" on the hit HBO tv show Game of Thrones.  He just broke a weight lifting record that has not been broken in over 1000 years. Yes seriously. He lifted and carried a 650kg log 5 steps. That's 1433lbs approx…
Alex Trebek Sings Motley Crue [Watch]
Some things catch you by surprise while watching your favorite tv game show. I love Jeopardy and watch when I can. Today Alex Trebek made me laugh and also creeped me out a little bit. Freaky deaky!

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