Amazing Video Of Our Sun [Watch]
Our sun is the center of our solar system. It provides light, warmth, and life to the earth. It's science and stuff. Here's a cool video made from over 200 million images of the sun over the course of 5 years. Check it.
Mountain Breaks 1000 Year Old Lifting Record [Watch]
His name is Hafthor Bjornsson and he played the character "Mountain" on the hit HBO tv show Game of Thrones.  He just broke a weight lifting record that has not been broken in over 1000 years. Yes seriously. He lifted and carried a 650kg log 5 steps. That's 1433lbs approx…
Alex Trebek Sings Motley Crue [Watch]
Some things catch you by surprise while watching your favorite tv game show. I love Jeopardy and watch when I can. Today Alex Trebek made me laugh and also creeped me out a little bit. Freaky deaky!
More Fun With Cats [Watch]
Crazy man loves cats! Let's them invade his home then they bend his will to build them a catlike eutopia. Cats now rule his home. Cats!
Strap A Go Pro To My Head Stat [Watch]
Last year we got a couple of Go Pros here at the station, and it has a strap to attach it to your brain case. I'm seriously going to start doing some crazy stuff with it attached to my skull. This is the most amazing Go Pro video I've ever seen. Check it!

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