Strap A Go Pro To My Head Stat [Watch]
Last year we got a couple of Go Pros here at the station, and it has a strap to attach it to your brain case. I'm seriously going to start doing some crazy stuff with it attached to my skull. This is the most amazing Go Pro video I've ever seen. Check it!
Thomas Rhett Singing Bruno Mars [Awesome]
Thomas Rhett, son of Rhett Akins is a HUGE Bruno Mars fan. So much so that he's now recorded one of Brunos biggest hits, "When I Was Your Man", recently. I just happens to be a fave of mine too, and he does a really great job! Check it out!
Koreans Taste American Snacks [Watch]
Koreans tasting American snacks on video. Pretty self explanatory. Also, how any ANYONE NOT like Goldfish crackers? I can't stop eating them, but that explains a lot of things about me.
Man Sings With Puppy [Adorable]
An adorable video of a man singing with his pet dachsund. I used to have a dachsund. He peed on everything, and did NOT sing. I think I was cheated! Enjoy!
The Worlds Cutest Puppy [Watch Adorableness]
I'm a huge fan of bulldogs! I've always wanted an English bulldog, but a French bulldog would work as well. If I could just afford one! This is a video of a 12 week old Frenchie showing off his skills. He's already very smart. Watch!
Fun With Lasers [Watch]
Lasers are fun! Lasers are being used in more and more day to day applications, and this one is pretty cool. I don't like scrubbing, and cleaning cookie sheets, or baking sheets, and I'm sure you don't either. Lasers make cleaning them fun! Check this out!
You Look Silly Taking a Selfie (Video)
"Look at me," Check out where I am." The selfie is a quick way to update your social media friends on all the cool stuff you are up to. The real question is, how silly do you actually look taking that selfie? Scientists explain.
Tooth Fairy Magically Appears For Real [Watch]
Taking the kids to the dentist is always an exciting time. Regardless of whether they're getting work done, or a standard cleaning you never really know what's going to happen. My son has braces, and is generally ok, but my little princess daughter doesn't like the pain at all. I wish…
The Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Day [Watch]
Every day I search the internet for the one thing that makes me laugh the most. Usually it involves cats, dogs, news anchors, or kids. Today it's kids! This little boy seems to believe that the act of "whistling" is impossible. See the video for a hardy har har laugh.
Creepy Fish Filmed In The Deep Sea Abyss [Watch]
I love science discoveries, and creepy stuff so this video is right up my alley. I also like fish. I don't love fish, I like fish. Some I like to eat, some I just like to catch. I enjoy watching Andrew Zimmern on Travel Channel eat strange fish. This video is of a strange, deep sea fish. It&apo…

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