Amazing Untippable Motorcycle [Video]
Amazing really might not even be the right word to describe this motorcycle. Ground breaking, technological, marvel of motorcycle goodness might be better! Check out this bike/car and tell me that you don't agree.  I dare ya!
George Strait Takes A Final Bow [Video]
George Strait, the King of Country, took a final bow this past Saturday night (June 7th) in Arlington at AT&T Stadium. He did it just like we knew he would: BIG, and graciously. If George said the words "thank you" once, he said them a thousand times that night. We have the…
Rumors About Tim And Faith Surface Again [Video]
Rumors are once again swirling around Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Could they be splitting up for real this time? Is divorce imminent? The truth is we don't know, but we do know that they are selling a home in Franklin Tennessee that they've owned for several years. To be specific it's actually 6 home…
Go Back In Time With TV’s Greatest Catchphrases [Video]
I've always been a TV junkie. I remember watching all the old school classics like, Adam-12, Emergency, Rockford Files, Columbo, The Jeffersons, and Samford & Son. Now I'm watching CSI, Blacklist, Swamp People, and others. The greatest TV shows always had a character that had an awesome catchphr…
Wade And Cody “Just Good Ole Boys” [Video]
I'll begin by letting you know that Wade Bowen, and Cody Canada are brothers in law. This past weekend Wade hosted his annual Bowen Classic golf tournament, and concert. During some quality time on the bus the boys decided to video their rendition of a Moe Bandy, and Joe Stampley classic, "Just…
First Test Drive Of Google Self Driving Car [Video]
Google has been working on the self-driving car for several years now, and they've finally gotten to the point of producing a concept vehicle.  Next step was to allow the public to try out the technology for themselves.  Here's the video of that first test drive, and it's pr…
Sad Goat Reunites With Donkey Friend [Tears]
Animals create bonds with their human owners. We know that. However you may not have known that they also have the ability to create strong bonds with other animals they are in proximity with on a daily basis. This video proves that theory: Mr...
What is Jimmy Fallon’s “Fingers On a 4×4?”
Since Jimmy Fallon has taken over the Tonight Show, ratings have really taken off. Part of the ratings success is the fact that Jimmy is doing new bits and gags like this one, Fingers On a 4x4. Who knew that Jimmy was a Ford truck fan?
Roger Creager Coming to Banita Creek This Week
Texas singer-songwriter Roger Creager will make his way back to East Texas on Friday night (March 28). Roger will be putting out a brand new album in July, so I'm sure we'll get to hear the new single "The River Song"!

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