Texas Mugshots Are Not the Happiest Ones
There comes a point during the arrest process where you've got to make a decision.
To smile or not to smile?
It turns out, Texans aren't too cheery in mug shots overall.  See which state does have the happiest ones, and how Texas compares.
An Idaho Man is Carving Art Into His Back Hair
Ladies, if you like a clean-shaven guy, there's a chance you'll be grossed out by this.  But guys who have been blessed with an abundance of back hair will be thrilled!
A man in Nampa, Idaho is making the most of his back hair by shaving art into it, and you can actually buy …
Flower Girl Is The Cutest Video You’ll See Today [Watch]
This little girl knows all about weddings, and what the flower girl does during the wedding. She is featured in this video explaining to her father why she can't be a princess with a crown in a pretty dress. He obviously doesn't understand weddings AT ALL! Watch and learn from the master.
Thor’s Hammer Weighs How Much??!
I asked and the internet provided. I'm kind of a comic book geek, and have been for most of my life: started with Spider Man, Batman, and my favorite, Thor! Thor has a cool hammer that only he can carry; pretty impressive for a guy wearing a skirt. I've always wondered how heavy that thing…
The Rise And Fall Of Flappy Bird
It's only been just about 2 weeks since I learned about "Flappy Bird".  If you aren't aware, "Flappy Bird" is a game that you used to be able to download for free on your phone, or tablet.  The game has been downloaded over 50 million times in …

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