Tears of joy, of course.

Twenty-three year old Paris Tassin of New Orleans performed Carrie Underwood’s hit single, “Temporary Home” for her audition last night on American Idol, which brought judge Jennifer Lopez to tears.

She hit all the notes, but her voice exhibited an unprecedented warmth — and that’s what moved J. Lo to tears.

Tassin, who told the judges’ panel that she likes to sing pop and country tunes, also shed a tear, saying, “I do that for my daughter. I want to teach her to go for her dreams.”

Tassin has gotten one step closer to her dream of becoming the next American Idol, as she was rewarded a golden ticket to Hollywood.

But who is this young, medical assistant dreaming of becoming the next country/pop star? Little is know,other than what she revealed on the show.

While some ‘Idol’ watchers have groaned at the judges and producers for allowing contestants’ sob stories to resonate and come to the forefront, one thing’s for sure: Tassin can sing her butt off. The fact that she has a special needs child is just part of her story.

Watch Paris Tassin’s “Temporary Home” performance above. Does it bring you to tears too? How far do you think she'll make it on American Idol?  Do you think she has a great voice?