I'm a fan of dance.  From Gene Kelly to Gregory Hines to Riverdance to some of the modern day dub steps.  I just like seeing this athleticism combined with synchronization and creativity. 

I admire from afar, though, meaning that I'm definitely not a dancer myself, unless you include some two-stepping and an occasional jitterbug.  So, when I saw a Fred Astaire quote on the internet that stated this was 'the greatest dance number ever filmed', I had to take a look.

The dance is from a segment in the 1943 movie 'Stormy Weather' starring Lena Horne and Cab Calloway.  But, the dance by the Nicholas Brothers starting at about the 3 minute mark in this video is just mind-boggling.  Their flexibility, endurance, athleticism, and just all around pain tolerance does make this one of the best I've seen.

What do you think?