What was going on in our country in 1915 - nearly 100 years ago?

Women were gaining momentum is their fight for the right to vote, although it took 5 more years for that to become reality.

Other facts about 1915 continue after the jump, including the start of an unbroken annual tradition...know what it is? 


The average home would set you back around 5 grand.


The Ford Model T continued to be the top seller of all automobiles made that year, and the average cost of a new car was about $500 and gas was 8 cents a gallon.


And at the grocery store, milk was 9 cents a quart, sugar was 7 cents a pound, and a dozen eggs set you back 34 cents.  In fact, Brookshire Brothers was still 6 years away from opening their first store in Lufkin.


1915 was also the year that the Aggies and Longhorns started an unbroken chain of yearly football games.  Yes, UT and A&M faced each other a number of times before this year, but 1915 marked the year that the event became something that neither weather, war, nor pestilence could stop from being played every year.

That is until 2012.

Due to the Aggies departure for the Southeastern Conference next year and the inability to work the scheduling around next year (and for years to come), this Thursday will mark the final time the Aggies and Longhorns play without breaking the yearly chain.

Who do you think will win this final (at least for awhile) meeting?