I have had many pets in my lifetime, and for the most part I haven't gone too far off the deep end when naming my cats and dogs, but I usually don't go for the common names either.

Some of my dogs names through the years have included Shep, Tinker, Arfie, Yaffa (girlfriend named that one), Ibeaux, Goldielocks (daughter named that one), and most recently Scrat -- yes, just like the hyped up and misguided prehistoric animated squirrel from Ice Age.

But, these pale in comparison to pet owners with much more creative, or demented, minds than mine.  Veterinary Pet Insurance insures nearly 500,000 pets and from those they do an annual survey on some of the strangest names.  Here are the most recent top fifteen:

For dogs -

  1. Chew Barka
  2. Nigel Nosewhistle
  3. Sir Maui Sengkey Schwykle
  4. Spark Pug
  5. Agent 99
  6. Stinker Belle
  7. Vienna Sausage
  8. Furnace Hills Dante
  9. Senorita Margarita
  10. Trigonometry
  11. Spunky Brewster
  12. Captain Awesome
  13. Peanut Von Strudel
  14. Raising A. Ruckus
  15. Flash T. Trousers

And for cats:

  1. Pico de Gato
  2. Dingleberry
  3. Dumpster Kitty
  4. Schnickelfritz
  5. Koobenfarben
  6. Sassy Pants Huska
  7. Vincent Van Furrball
  8. Kitty Gaga
  9. Beefra
  10. Mister Bigglesworth
  11. Cuddles McCracken
  12. Slim Pickens
  13. Magnificat
  14. My Girl Catastrophe
  15. Friar McFergus


So....what about you.  Have you ever had any pets with strange names?