Townsquare 4-1-1

Does your school, church or other non-profit organization have an event or other announcement you'd like to get out to the East Texas Community?

Please submit your event's information in the form below. We'll get in touch if we need more information from you. Please note, while we welcome churches and other religious organizations to submit events, bazaars, garage sales, festivals and the like, we are not permitted to include revivals, concerts, services, and specialty prayer/preaching events. Additionally, we do not list any lotteries, including events that involve prizes, raffles, chance and consideration.

Events will appear on the Townsquare 4-1-1. Submissions do not appear automatically and are subject to editing.

And remember, you can come by our studios any weekday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM to record a PSA for broadcast as well.

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