When I first heard the story of a Great White Shark named Katharine making a beeline to the Texas coastline I thought it was a prank.  But, there's no joke here.  In fact, there are two Great Whites that could end up off the Texas shores. 

Katharine is a 14-foot, 2300 pound shark that was tagged near Massachusetts and over the past months has entered the Gulf of Mexico and she seems to being trending westward, which would eventually put her a few miles from Texas beaches...maybe.

Then there's Betsy, another tagged Great White who has also found her way into the Gulf.  At last report, she was located west of Sarasota while Katharine was pretty much due south of Panama City Beach.  Both sharks are over 100 miles from any land.

Ocearch is the organization that has been in charge of tagging the sharks and keeping up with their whereabouts.  In fact, they have a website where you can track the shark's location in 'almost' real-time.  You can track the sharks by clicking here...however, web traffic to the this site is very high and there are frequent periods of very slow loading and response times. In some cases, the site may not open at all, but folks with Ocearch have indicated on their Twitter page that they are working to resolve the issue.  Personally, I've been able to navigate the page about 60% of the time, albeit slowly.

Once you do get to the interactive shark tracker map, make sure you go to the index on the left hand side of the page and click in the shark's area.  This should give you a drop down menu of the different shark's names that are available for tracking. Then, just click in the blue 'track shark' rectangle at the bottom to find out the exact locations of Katharine and/or Betsy.