The worst Summer drought in Texas history continues to linger on.

Not only can we not get hardly a drop of rain from any of 14 named storms so far, last week Tropical Storm Lee gave us gusty North winds that have led to the worst wildfire outbreak in our history.

And now there's Tropical Storm Nate in the Gulf...and Nate could provide relief, more wildfire headaches, or none of the above. 

Originally, Nate was predicted to slam into Northern Mexico, even South Texas didn't look to get much rain from the storm.

However, the latest predicted track released from the National Hurricane Center gives the track a bit of an adjustment to the North.  A few more of those recalculations could give East Texas a chance of showers by next week.

But...if Nate decides to make landfall somewhere between Victoria and Brownsville, that could mean another scenario where East Texas gets minimal rainfall, but plenty of gusty winds...this time from the South.  That could mean another wildfire breakout I'd rather not imagine.

For the time being, let's continue the prayers for relief - a direct hit to the mid-Texas coast of a small tropical storm would be perfect!