In the last week there have been 807 earthquakes in the United States, and only two of those have been in Texas....East Texas!!!

What in the heck is going on!!??  This time a 4.3M shaker that was centered very near the last week's 3.9M tremor near Timpson.

This appears to be one of those rare instances of an aftershock being stronger than the original quake.  After listening to several call-ins to the Merrell in the Morning show, it seems apparent that folks that went through both earthquakes definitely felt the difference in strength.  We had reports of broken dishes and pictures in and around the Timpson area.

I had the chance this morning to interview Amy Vaughn, she's a seismologist with the United States Geological Survey (USGS).  She was able to shed some light on our earthquake and tremors in general.

Take a listen to the interview here.