The Great Kid Escape will take over the Lufkin Convention Center on June 21, 2014! But before we can kick off one of the best days of the year, we gotta get a new logo! That's where you come in.

Why do we want a new logo?

   We love the old Great Kid Escape Logo, but it's time to switch it up. We're putting out the call all over East Texas -- we want you to make us a new logo! We'll use it on all the tickets, posters, Facebook page, banners, t-shirts, EVERYTHING we make for this year's Escape! You'll be able to see your work all over. It'll be really cool.

What will I win?

If we choose your logo, you'll win a Family 4-Pak of tickets to everything at Moody Gardens in Galveston! You'll get in to all the pyramids, all the theaters, and the Colonel Paddlewheel boat! What's cooler than that? How about four free tickets to the Great Kid Escape for you and your family? We'll throw those in too.

What are we looking for in a new logo?

Well, it's gotta say "Great Kid Escape." It's gotta look like something for kids (we're talking 5-12 year olds). It doesn't have to have the date of the event on it. We're not picky about colors, either. Make it fun, make it clear, and make it yours!

You've only got until April 4, 2014

That's when we're picking a winner. So get to it! Show us what you got!


Send us your birthday shoutouts, and we'll get them on the Merrell in the Morning show! Congrats to our latest winners - Trace Martin of Woden, Anita Byrd of Central, Cody Duke of Hemphill, and Aimee Sifuentes of Nacogdoches.
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All Moody Gardens tickets expire May 1, 2014.