"He wore that cowboy hat to cover up his horns" - Brokenheartsville

"Oh how you sparkle and Oh how you shine, the flush on your cheeks is more than the wine" - You Look So Good In Love

It's a song's first impression on you - the first few words sung by the singer.

I've seen lists of the top songs of all time, top love songs, top cheatin' songs, and so on...but, how bout the top opening country music lyrics of all time? 

The folks at The Boot have put together a list of the top 20 opening country music lines of all-time.   Lists like these are done for two major reasons - good reading and to open up channels of conversation on the topic.

Very few songs really grab the listener from line one, so we commend those that do with this countdown of the best opening lyrics in the history of country music.

Needless to say, very few will agree with even the majority of the songs selected, but take a look for yourself at the list.