C'mon New York....really??!!

Police in Port Chester, N.Y. are analyzing surveillance video to try and find out who would stoop so low as to steal 'Ol Dillo from Willie Nelson's stage.

'Ol Dillo is a stuffed armadillo that belongs to one of Willie Nelson's crew, and that 'mascot' has been on stage for Willie's shows for the better part of 3 years.  Well, now, following a show in Port Chester, while crew members were clearing the stage, a woman coyly walks past a sound console and takes the armadillo!!

We know it's a woman and how the heist went down because there exists a grainy video that catches the dastardly deed.  With the help of this video, police are confident that they will capture the thief.  Just to add some incentive though, Willie has taken to Facebook, and his restaurant chain is offering a reward.

Check out the video below.  You'll notice the woman in question moving into the top of the picture at about the 15 second mark and then with bag in hand she crosses in front of the console where she takes the armadillo.  Hopefully, this will not affect relations between New York and Texas.