Sheyla Hershey claims that she is alive today...because of her breasts.

Hershey, who lives near Houston, was recently involved in a serious car accident.  And according to the website Ananova, her life was saved not by her seat belt (which she wasn't wearing), not be an air bag, but by her world recording breast implants.  The Brazilian native has had a total of 10 'enhancements' to boast a breast size of 38KKK, which is on record as the largest implants in the world.  Hershey says that it was the extra padding of her...uh,..her frontal friends that cushioned her face from smashing into the steering wheel.

She says her implants were not harmed and Hershey plans to increase her size in the future to 38MMM.

You can see more of Hershey (at your discretion) at her Facebook page and her website.