Let's see if this sounds familiar:

You call your child - no answer.  You try again - straight to voice mail.  You send him/her a text - no response.  Frustration turns to worry until you see that the text has been read, but still no answer from your child. 

You're being ignored...again.  The worry turns back to frustration and anger.

There is an old saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention".  Now you can make a slight alteration to that, "A mom's frustration with her kids is the mother of invention".

According to a report on KTRK, a Houston area mom has invented an app, Ignore No More,  that allows a parent to lock their child's phone.  For example, once it has become apparent to the mom or dad that their wonderful offspring is ignoring them, the parent can touch the app, then tap the child's name, and then enter a 4-digit unlock code to lock the kid's phone.  That means no games, no texting, no nothing for the child and his or her phone until he gets the unlock code.

How does the youngster do that?  A list of parent-selected contacts comes up on the kid's phone.  The child can call someone on that contact list, usually a mom or dad, and get the password to unlock the phone.  Take that, junior!

Get more details about this app by watching the KTRK video below.

Does this look like an app you'd like to have?