When we last checked in on “real life” superhero ‘Phoenix Jones,’ the Seattle-based crime fighter was getting arrested after he peppered sprayed a group of brawlers outside an area nightclub.

Jones might get on the nerves of the authorities — who would rather he just call them then involve himself in such incidents — but he has become somewhat of a folk-hero in the Pacific Northwest. Even so, even heroes have bad days.

For example, he was recently invited to the Jewish Day School in Bellevue, WA to make a speech on bullying. During his presentation, he invited eleven-year-old Noah Weinstein up to the front and gave him the opportunity to punch him in his customed stomach as hard as he can.

Bad idea. While Jones might not actually have any superpowers, he seems to have abs of steel and young Noah broke one of his fingers during the blow.

Noah’s mom was none too happy with what went down. “The thing I want to get across is I don’t think any grown man superhero should ask a kid to punch him,” she told KOMO.

However Jones’ rival, Rex Velvet (yes, Jones has an arch nemeses) was delighted by the odd development.

“Why did @ThePhoenixJones break a kids finger? Velvet tweeted. “Bc he left his pepper spray in the car.”

There’s nothing like a superhero Twitter fight.

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