The building in which the first-ever hit country song was recorded has now been partially demolished. However, a recent court order has stopped further demolition of the historic structure until a judge can hear the case.

On Thursday (Aug. 8), the building at 152 Nassau St. in Atlanta, Ga., building was partially destroyed before a judge in Fulton County, Shawn Ellen LaGrua, issued a temporary restraining order, according to Billboard, stopping further demolition until after hearing, which is set for Aug. 29.

The unassuming building once served as a recording studio for Okeh Records. It was there, in 1923, that Fiddlin' John Carson recorded his song "Little Log Cabin in the Lane," widely recognized as the first commercially successful country music song. In place of the historic building, a developer plans to build a 21-story building that will house a hotel and a Margaritaville restaurant.

Thousands of people have signed a petition started by Kyle Kessler to stop the demolition of the building. Kessler is an architect and a resident of the downtown Atlanta area and has been spearheading a campaign to preserve the historic music site since 2017.

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