Here at Kicks 105, we appreciate our audience and fellow East Texans. Your Facebook comments crack us up, or make us think. When we see you around town, we love talking with you, and we get excited when you love one of our uploaded videos enough to share it with your friends and family.

Many of our videos have gotten thousands of views depending on what was trending at the time, or if we were just having fun, and a video of ours randomly took off.

I wanted to showcase a handful of videos from the Kicks 105 YouTube channel that may not have gotten the spotlight, and might have flown under your radar.

First of all, here's a video of Danny trying to help a dog get untangled from the leg of the Big Bass Splash weigh-in stage. The pitiful puppy thought Danny was trying to pet him, and gave up on trying to get free.

In 2016 we gave away a sizable Spirit Halloween shopping spree. The winner was a young man who had just recently moved to our area and had to get rid of all his old decorations. Needless to say, he was stoked to restock up on supplies for his favorite holiday.

Here's Mark wasting the charge in our CO2 canisters, and dangerously aiming the t-shirt cannon at coworkers.

Finally, here's what ended up at a failed, unsuccessful, video series we wanted to start up where we  would regularly recreate our favorite movie scenes and chipmunkify our voices to make them funnier. Now that I'm putting this back into the spotlight, let us know if you'd like to see this idea revived.

There you have it. Four hidden gem videos from our YouTube channel that I don't think got the love they deserved. Visit our YouTube channel and take a quick browse at any time. We really get excited about all the views, likes, and comments. Heck, we get excited about the dislikes and angry comments too.




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