Gals, would you cuddle with someone who has done that with 10,000 other women?  

It's just cuddling.  There's a guy in New York who makes a living a spooning.  He'll show up at your house and snuggle for an hour and then leave.

He says all the cuddling is not about getting to third base or anything like that.  For him it's like a chore, kinda like going to the dentist.  Sometimes he finds the women at "cuddle parties" and sometimes they look him up and request the cuddle time.  Either way, it's an hour of spooning to boost your mood, and then he's out the door and you probably never see him again.  Worth it?  With all of that previous spooning, it seems like it might cheapen the moment (or the hour) for me.  Who knows where those arms have been.

If you're looking for a career change, maybe that's it.  You could be the East Texas Serial Spooner.  Good luck with that!


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