About 6 weeks ago, Trey Benton from Rock Island, TX was seriously injured riding a bull in Fort Worth.  He had facial reconstructive surgery due to some fractures and had to go back under the scalpel due to infections.  He was cleared by the doctor to start riding again just a couple of days before the CBR Bull Bash in Lufkin, and he made the most of it.  Benton rode two bulls for 90 and 87.5 points to take the top spot.  He was unable to stay aboard the 3rd bull in the championship round so that bonus money of over $20,000 will be added to the pot for the next ride in Dodge City.

Still, given what he had to go through over the past 6 weeks, Benton has to be one of the toughest cowboys around.  Not bad for a young man who admits that one of his biggest fears is riding a roller coaster.

A special thanks to the huge crowd that came out to support the annual event.  Remember, if you have Instagram pictures that you took, go to our website to get details on how you can include yours on our website.

A special thanks to Todd Brewer Photography for once again lending his wonderful talents in taking the great shots throughout the night.