We knew someone was going to win the $5900 Super Prize Machine jackpot on Saturday...we guaranteed it.  It was just a question of who was going to win it. 

We went through the first hour of the KICKS Road Show at Perry-Ellis Kia in Lufkin without a jackpot winner, so we increased the odds not once, but twice.  Then, just before 4 o'clock, Amanda LaRue of Crockett took a pull on the huge slot machine and one by one the three rollers came to stop on the 'Perry-Ellis Kia' logos.

At first, Amanda wasn't quite sure what she won, but she quickly learned that she was $5900 richer.  Dan Patrick with our sister station KFOX 95 learned that Amanda would be using much of that money for Christmas.

A special thanks once again to Perry-Ellis Kia, Massingill's, and to all the folks who came out for the KICKS 105 Road Show.